Sabtu, 10 Juni 2017

Two Years Later...

Time's really gone so fast!
2 years after I wrote below post, on the train on my way to Jogja after work. And now June 2017, I'm at home with my mom..
Reading this blog, make me want to write more 😄 but I'm not comfortable to write with my phone. It couldn't upload pic or video! 😐😐
Last time if I'm not wrong, Teteph and Kakak asked for the user-id and pw. But I'm overestimated, I thought I will surprise found one of them write a new story 😔 *sigh..
If you guys, some one, in BiCamp read this, want to write, contact me for user-id and pw.
Now, everyone has their own life, matter, situation and condition. I feel like I don't really have right to write it here 😅 Even in instagram, I made one account, special to publish my niece and nephews pictures. I'm planning to stop upload it until they know smartphone and they can upload and tell story by themselves. So I wouldn't upload their naked or shameful pic anymore 😄 (they're still baby now), well, kind of respect from their auntie..
Now almost all members in BiCamp are married, have a child, and have their own social media. So I'm not expecting much if they will read or even write here. Hahahah pity me 😂
Well, I'm happy to write again and talk about our current situation 😅
also practice my English here 😁

See you when I see you 😚

with 💕,

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  1. Hahahaha begitu sulitnya mengumpulkan kalian semua setiap i balik solo sampe aq yg harus memaksa kalian semua untuk meluangkan waktu untuk sekedar aq ingin ketemu meskipun udahbtengah malam gak ngerti kenapa? mungkin bener kata fenfen kalian sudah memiliki kehidupan masing masing have married n child..but please u all still my little brother n sister n we are family..i always open my door hope u back n said apakabar kakak..n we play around again before we forget how much happyly us at TW realy laught without thingking money money n money.we share problem n make the problem be our friend, but went i give up to looking for all of u..suddenly this blog coming to me trought my sister (ddx phanie)who until now still Contact with me n lookingfor each other....realy i miss u all

    Hahha sakjane ya sedih ternyata makin dewasa dewe lupa klo punya keluar kecil sebelum kaliaan sampai saat ini.

    Kakak cuman pesen klo bisa kita punya perusahaan bersama.kerja sama dari nol
    Sampai sukses bareng.mumpung masi umur 30an hajaj ternyata 10thn lahi udah tuir kita


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