Kamis, 01 September 2011

Dear All

Sobat, when i googled my name i found this...


My Self


Hello, my name is Kenan Fabri Hartanto but all of my friends usually call me Kenan. I'm currently 22, and will be 23 on the next first February. I was born at Solo, a lovely town located at the east of Yogyakarta. At my hometown I live at Perum Motiara Indah III BC 36-37, Baki, Sukoharjo. On 2007 I began my study in Sanata Dharma University so I have to move to Yogyakarta and lived in a boarding house. In Sanata Dharma I'm studying in the English Letters Department. It's the 4th year of my study now and I'm currently working on my thesis (sort of).

I'm a person with a bad temper. If my day is very hectic I will get panic and when I'm already panic I'll get mad easily, but now I'm gradually training myself to control my emotion. I'm much more patient in dealing with things now.

I find a huge joy in travelling and having adventures with my friends, doing many new crazy and stupid things. I like reading books and I'm training myself to write as well.

My Family


This is my family. The beautiful girl wearing Toga is my older sister, her name is Sabrina Hartanto, a graduate from Atma jaya University Yogyakarta. Right in the middle is my beloved mother and her name is Diete Iriyanti. The man standing beside my mother is, without any doubt, my father. His name is Tony Hartanto.

To tell you the truth, I'm not very close to my family. Mostly I spend my time outside hanging out with may friends, or locking up myself in my bedroom. In conclusion I don't have much to tell about my family, but I'll try my best to give you my story about them. Later on, perhaps I'll tell you why I'm not that close to them.

For a starter, let me start with my mother. Like me, in my perspective, she's a woman with a bad temper. In my family, if I may use a metaphor to describe her, she is a volcano which can erupt at any time she wants to. When she wants me to be, or to do something then there hardly a way to make her change her mind. When I was a child she often punished me when I was naughty. She often locked me up in the bathroom with the lights off, and in other time she beat me. Let me tell you, Its kind of traumatic. I never be really close to her, there's always a space between me and her, though it is much better now. I guess, being old soften her a bit.

On the contrary, my father is a rather calm and patient man. I really look up to him. He is very hard working man. In the morning he helps my mother taking care of my little sister, who's now at her naugtiest age, and after my mother goes to work he drive my little sister to school. He then goes to work and gets home at 17.00. By that time, he then do house chores again, without even complaining. Ah, love you father.


Here is my sister, my Mbak Na. My childhood was full with a fight of her. We often quarelled because of stupid matters such as deciding what channel on television to watch. I rarely chat with her, as I do with the rest of the family. Though we're not really close she still act nice to me, she even buy me a new cell phone. Now my sister has graduated and currently seeking a job. I do wish her the best.


Lastly, I present you my little sister, Gracia Aprodita Hartanto (I gave her that name). You can call her by just Grace. She's on the first grade of elementary school now. She was very naughty before school. Once she killed a bucket of little cat fish by pouring detergent into the water, can you imagine that? I'm the one who spend the least time with her because I rarely goes home to Solo. Everytime I'm home she will hug me all the time, unwilling to let go, she says "I miss you." Ah, how sweet is that?

Well, I guess that is all for now, see you in another story. Thank you.



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  1. i bet u cried when you read this, na!! :D
    wah, dik kenan diam2 menghanyutkan...kalian me mirip2 yo, soal pandangan kalian bab papi mami..mami galak,papi sabar,adik nakal..saling melengkapi lah..urip tanpa bumbu ik ra sedep,hehehe...btw iki rapopo to mbopost ng kene? ngko dicekal lo we..wakakakaaa.. giliranmu sg crt, ra copypaste gone adik'e wae,hahahaha


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